Thursday, December 30, 2010

14 Days of Thanks - Day 17.

1. Frye boots - My mama got me them for Christmas. They are great!!!

2. MWY show - I got to see both Melissa's and all my friends, my brother and Mike all at the same time! Yay!

3. Mike - I really am just so lucky. He is wonderful. Experiencing new things together is such a great feeling. Love it.

4. Getting snowed in - I can't believe I listed this. I really used to hate it, but it was nice this time around.

5. Sleep - I have been sooooo tired lately. Could sleep for days!

15 Days of Thanks - Day 16

1. Christmas Eve - It was one of the best days I have had in a real long time. I didn't feel crappy. Mike and I hung out all day, everything went great!

2. Presents - Mike and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. He got me the best ring ever ever! And shirts and surprise stuff and the greatest purse! He is really good at this gift giving thing.

3. Christmas Day - Being with family was a little rushed, but a great time. We gave gifts and ate and hung out. I really am blessed.

4. Watching everyone's excitement when they actually liked the stuff they opened.

5. Happy times - This was the first Christmas since my dad passed away that I wasn't balling the whole time. I miss him so much, but felt like he was here with us!

16 Days of Thanks - Day 15 (Little delayed)....

1. Alone time at work - so what I needed.

2. New coat - Josh got me a coat that makes me not look like a hobo anymore.

3. Couple cranky days to realize how good it feels when I am not cranky and bickering.

4. Friends in town!

5. Texts that crack me up. Have some solid people in my life that are pretty damn funny.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

17 Days of Thanks - Day 14.

1. Lunar Eclipse - That was really pretty. Cool to think I got to see something that hasn't happened in 400 years. The raccoon sitting at my feet staring up at me, nearly gave me heart failure, but pretty awesome all the same.

2. Michael - I miss him more than I can explain most days. I think I just really need to see his face asap. Really happy and grateful he's in my life.

3. Break from my fever - Probably not going to last long, but nice to feel un-fogged for a minute. Sleepy, too.

4. Beach House on Conan - Just seriously love their music. So glad I got us tickets to see them again.

5. Christmas - It's soooo soon!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

18Days of Thanks - Day 13.

1. Melissa F. - Seriously have no idea what I'd do without her. Such a great best friend. I miss her soooo much.

2. Sb - Got the chance to talk today. I miss her. It's nice to know after all the years and all the crap we go through that some friendships can really stand the tide. Solid friend.

3. Good friends - Feel very lucky to know that even when I feel horribly alone I have a good group of friends that I can count on, that know me better than most people and will always be there for me.

4. My mom - I know I put her on here a lot, but she should be on this list every single day. God bless this woman.

5. Josh - Definitely has been there for a me a lot lately. Really lucky to have him as a brother and best friend.

19 Days of Thanks - Day 12.

1. Packages - Glad things I ordered are starting to come in the mail. Bummed I haven't felt well enough to open any of them, but at least they are arriving. Hopefully it's the right stuff.

2. My doctor - He seems to be as concerned as I am and wants to get to the bottom of what is wrong with me. Thank God.

3. Lifetime movies - Seriously do not need to use my brain for these when I feel ill. That is unless they are awful, then I need to shut them off.

4. Rehab shows - I know it's sounds corny, but at the very least they keep me sober.

5. Fruit - These little fruit cups are giving little boosts of energy and are pretty refreshing.

20 Days of Thanks - Day 11.

1. Farmers Market - There is one in Ardmore that has a lot of good Gluten Free food. Pretty hearty dinners, can be quite pricey, but awesome to know I can get stuff there.

2. Gel face mask - I actually have no idea what this is called, but it goes around your eyes. You can freeze it or heat it up. It is soooo soothing. I love this thing. Wish they made a bodysuit out of it.

3. Phone/internet - Feels like the only way I can communicate with my boyfriend right now. If it weren't for these things I'd feel at a total loss.

4. Clean sheets - Have some clean sheets and blankets on my bed. So refreshing.

5. Sweaters - Been living in these. So comfy.