Saturday, December 18, 2010

22 Days of Thanks - Day 9.

1. My mom - She really is always there for me and so helpful when I need her. Not to mention she is one of the funniest people I know.

2. Memories of my dad - I have no idea what I would do if we didn't get to hold onto memories. He really was the greatest guy I've ever known. So funny, smart, caring. I miss him so much it aches.

3. Fred Perry gloves - Mike bought me these a few months ago. I wear them everyday and I couldn't find them. Turned out my boss hid them at work! He's nuts, but I am so glad to have them back.

4. Callan - So glad he and I talk. Dude is so funny and is such a great friend. Stoked that his life is working out so well right now.

5. Clean laundry - One of my favorite things ever. I never realize it until I have no clean clothes. Nothing like fresh smelling clean clothes!

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