Saturday, December 11, 2010

24 Days of Thanks - Day 7.

1. Waking up from the insane dreams I have been having and finally realizing they were not real. They have been kicking my ass, but it makes me appreciate real life much more.

2. Watching Mike & the rest of the Nothing record in the sanctuary. It was really pretty in there. I love being in churches. It was great to watch him play drums (he is really talented) and it sounded great in there.

3. Heat - I was freezing at work and actually had the heat on (without Jeff turning it off). I can't even imagine how people without heat or live on the streets must feel during the winter. It has to be the worst feeling in the entire world.

4. Candles - Mike got me these candles from Anthropologie and they look and smell incredible.

5. Gluten free brownies/cookies - yummmmm.

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