Sunday, December 5, 2010

27 Days of Thanks - Day 4 (little late again)

1. Medicine - This goes for anything that brings me relief from being sick. Advil is a pretty cool one. My mom and I discussed last night how crazy it is any of this stuff was ever invented. Nuts.

2. Christmas shopping - Okay maybe just the idea of it. I don't have much money, but I am making myself crazy with ideas. It'd be much more fun if I had some more money and some more time to buy/make things, but I know how good this makes me and other people feel. Yay! My favorite.

3. Gluten free bread - I've been on a GF diet for about 8 months. I have lived without any bread that long. Then I finally found a loaf a bread I enjoy. Just a simple sandwich or toast with coffee is seriously exciting. I love it. I want to bake my own!

4. Hot showers - Seriously might be the greatest thing on earth in the winter. Really could be in one forever if possible.

5. Dreams - Last night I dreamt about my grandmother and father who have both passed away in the past couple years. I dreamt about my friends Josh and Stoney who passed away, too. Considering I didn't sleep long that's crazy. But I like to think they were visiting to say hi. My dad said he likes Mike and is happy I am happy. My grandmother called him 'youthful', it made me laugh so hard I woke up.

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