Monday, December 6, 2010

26 Days of Thanks - Day 5.

1. Television - Being able to watch the mind-numbing tv shows that I love when I am sick, actually distracts me. It's great.

2. Back scratches - Love giving them to Mike. Love getting them from him.

3. New tights - I got a new pair of tights yesterday and they are the best. I kinda want to go buy like 5 more pairs. Fancy.

4. Chill work days - I worked on Sunday for the hell of it and today (although feeling awful), my boss was pretty chill. It's a nice change of pace after ALL of last week.

5. Layers - While the people I work with probably think I looked like a bum today, being able to roll into work wearing torn up jeans, boots, shirt, sweater, coat, glove and a hat and wear it all day, is actually enjoy for me.

*Disclaimer - I am surprised I came up with 5 things. Surprised it didn't just say Michael 5 times.

1 comment:

lana bear said...

its hard!!! I have a hard time coming up with 5.