Monday, December 20, 2010

20 Days of Thanks - Day 11.

1. Farmers Market - There is one in Ardmore that has a lot of good Gluten Free food. Pretty hearty dinners, can be quite pricey, but awesome to know I can get stuff there.

2. Gel face mask - I actually have no idea what this is called, but it goes around your eyes. You can freeze it or heat it up. It is soooo soothing. I love this thing. Wish they made a bodysuit out of it.

3. Phone/internet - Feels like the only way I can communicate with my boyfriend right now. If it weren't for these things I'd feel at a total loss.

4. Clean sheets - Have some clean sheets and blankets on my bed. So refreshing.

5. Sweaters - Been living in these. So comfy.

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