Thursday, December 2, 2010

29 Days of Thanks - Day 2.

1. Seeing Mike's face tonight. I have been a nutcase this week and I went to see him and realized I just missed him a whole lot. It was actually one of the nicest feelings I have had in so long. Being cranky/sad and then realizing it's because you miss the man you love. It's great. Seriously great.

2. My job - While I tend to have pretty stressful days there, I am so grateful I have money to pay my bills and survive. Hopefully getting a raise soon. Today was a good day. No real work stress. Boss goes on vacation soon, which means I work alone! I love this!

3. Music - I had to go to the dentist today, which I wasn't happy about. He listens to classic rock in there and it always calms me down. Been listening to some Xmas music while in the car and then switched over to Fleetwood Mac, it just really shifted me into a great mood. Seriously love music.

4. Christmas & the coming weeks - I feel like there is so much coming up in the next few weeks that I am excited about. Both Melissa's will be in town. Josh will be home and done his traveling. Mike is recording. MWY shows coming up. My boss is going on vacation. Christmas!! which means presents and hangouts and parties and love and fun! Not sure what is going on for NYE, but I am excited to actually be with the people I love.

5. Finding things - Last night I found bags of knee socks, thigh highs, tights and leg warmers. It was like I hit the lottery! I couldn't find them and it was making me crazy! I found my other bag of scarves, hats and gloves! And two of my winter coats. Seriously it was so great. I also found 3 trash bags full of clothes to give to Salvation Army and a TV, a cabinet and a cd rack to give away, too. All because I took the time to clean the spare room out. Good times!


lana bear said...

it's funny when i did this as a kid my list would be 5 words. like:

1. light bulbs
2. air
3. my mom

etc etc. I didn't intend to talk about things, but it ends up that way and I like it. I like this. I like you! it's already kind of hard though to think of stuff..hah

jenibender said...

Haha me too! My lists were so simple. I actually had to think on this one and then realized I am two days in. Haha ut oh...